How Do You Terminate Guardianship Rights in a Child Custody Case

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Various occurrences in most states, including California, would result in the termination of guardianship. The guardianship usually terminates when the kid reaches the age of 18, unless one of the following events occurs:


A court-appointed guardianship

Child emancipation or adoption

The youngster enlists in the military.


Furthermore, only particular persons have the authority to request the termination of guardianship. The following individuals may persuade the court to terminate the guardianship:


1. If the youngster is over the age of twelve,

2. The guardian

3. Both or any of the child's parents


As a result, if you are the guardian, you must go to court to request the termination of the guardianship.


Guardianship termination procedure


To resign as guardian, you must first notify all of the child's relatives who were informed about your guardianship appointment of the guardian termination hearing. You will also need to show the court that you are not a suitable guardian for the child.


To file for a guardian termination, you must submit the Order for Termination of Guardianship, Petition for Termination of Guardianship, Notice of Hearing, and any other paperwork required by your court to the clerk's office at your local courthouse.


The procedure of terminating guardianship might be complicated. It is critical that you deal with an experienced, devoted child custody attorney to ensure that all essential documentation is completed accurately, completely, and on schedule.


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