Declutter Your Office to Improve Cleaning

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Nearly everyone would agree that recent years have been for the record books, and the pandemic has upended most people's work lives. As a result, your office may have become cluttered if people were not working there consistently. But in marquee locations like Manhattan, office cleaning services in NYC need to continue doing their jobs. If it's been a while since you held a clean-up day, schedule one soon to declutter your workspace. It will improve your janitorial service's efficiency and make things more pleasant for all. It's also safer because clutter can be a tripping hazard for many.


Team building activities are a wise move as people return to work and see each other in person. They prompt buy-ins from everyone who participates, and all will take pride in the newly cleaned-up surroundings. Decluttering is also crucial if you reduce your office size after the pandemic as more employees work part of their time from home. In areas like Manhattan with notoriously high rent, offsite storage is a wise consideration if you have items you can't discard but don't fit in your limited office storage areas. There are an increasing number of storage facilities offering the service.


Companies in image-driven businesses or even those in high competition categories need to be aware of the impressions they make on anyone who visits (think clients and customers). They quickly form opinions about your company based on many factors and office cleanliness is one of them. When someone walks into your office, and it is immaculate, it makes an instantly favorable impression. Even people who are less aware will notice on a subconscious level. Since the pandemic, people are more aware of clean offices that make them comfortable and secure. Make sure yours is clean and pleasant.


Above-the-floor cleaning is a significant part of keeping your office pristine, and clutter gets in the way of dusting. When you slow down your cleaning crew, you diminish the results they can produce for your budget. Taking time to move things so areas can be cleaned isn't tricky, and then keeping counters and desks cleared off from now on is wise. You'll quickly see a difference in your office cleanliness, and your workspace will look better. Decluttering might not seem like a crucial priority at first, but when you remove unnecessary items, you'll understand why it matters for your office.