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Amazingfiction Dual Cultivationblog - Chapter 921 12 Goddesses grease verse share-p3
Dual Cultivation

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Chapter 921 12 Goddesses jeans sack
The G.o.ddesses started bombarding Luo Ziyi with questions regarding Su Yang.
"Su Meiqi."
"What exactly are you seeking to explain to us"
Luo Ziyi nodded, and the others' shock, she withstood up and began loosening her clothes.
"Of course, I had been also surprised when he given it if you ask me before we segregated."
After they noticed your situation, tears started streaming from their vision.
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"I-It's really active! How?!"
Then she reported, "Why don't you take a figure? There's just one way a person can trigger their loved ones Secure."
The grin on Luo Ziyi's deal with grew greater, and she nodded.
"Su Meiqi."
The G.o.ddesses started out bombarding Luo Ziyi with queries about Su Yang.
If they understood the matter, tears commenced streaming using their eye.
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"I will view you within the Frozen Azure Cave in ninety days whenever the Azure Lotus blossoms. Which was the message Su Yang explained to Mu Yuechan to communicate for me. This phrase is essential because it was identical sentence he said for me whenever we did the trick together to acquire the Azure Lotus."
"S-S-Sister Ziyi T-That H-H-How?!?!" she spoke in a unstable voice.
The item in Luo Ziyi was really a sword a regular and somewhat utilized-out sword that had two names engraved onto it.
"Your Family Close is effective?! Difficult!" Yet another one exclaimed.
"Su Yang actually offered you his sword? Normally, he wouldn't permit it to even keep his palms!" w.a.n.g Yunxuan was stunned.
"Y-You're revealing me that Su Yang triggered it that he's full of life?" w.a.n.g Yunxuang asked her with a search of disbelief on the experience.
She considered these with a solemn manifestation on the facial area.
This dumbfounded the G.o.ddesses. They have never noticed her operating so secretive.
The place suddenly made old private.
This dumbfounded the G.o.ddesses. They have never found her behaving so secretive.
"Perfect? You would even scold us correctly. Now you're the one bringing it? A little something occurred, proper?"
The place suddenly made dead noiseless.
Every person there were built with a complex and pained concept on his or her facial looks when Luo Ziyi reminded them of Su Yang's death.
"W-Just where is he now?! I want to see him!" Among them suddenly said.
"S-S-Sister Ziyi T-That H-H-How?!?!" she spoke within a unstable sound.
"Into the Freezing Azure Cave, the fatty taken off his disguise, rotating into Su Yang at least a younger release of him. And then, he spelled out anything to me. What acquired transpired within the Endless Retribution Cliff. In which they have been within the last 2,000 many years amongst other things."
w.a.n.g Yunxuan then expected afterward, "What's the issue, Sibling Ziyi? What makes you wanting to know us this? You usually despise it if we refer to Su Yang."
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"I will see you in the Frozen Azure Cave in 3 months when the Azure Lotus blooms. Which had been the content Su Yang advised Mu Yuechan to present if you ask me. This phrase is important given it was identical sentence he stated to me after we worked well together to obtain the Azure Lotus."
Luo Ziyi revealed a grin on her encounter as she wore her garments once again.
Luo Ziyi proceeded to get a product or service and demonstrated it to your G.o.ddesses.
"Following paying attention to his story, I finally recognized why our Friends and family Close didn't entirely fade away, only deactivated, and I also comprehended why he hasn't delivered so far."
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The G.o.ddesses' eyeballs widened with shock just after seeing and hearing her dilemma.
"Consequently, I immediately visited the Frozen Asgard soon after listening to this message."