Gas Flow Measurement – Different Types of Flow Meters

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The concept of gas flow measurement is not new. Various industries need an accurate measure for gases passing through the pipes.

The concept of gas flow measurement is not new. Various industries need an accurate measure for gases passing through the pipes. Gas flow sensors or meters are used extensively in the chemical and processing industries. The flow sensors gauge the volume of gas that passes at a particular point in a specific period. However, it is difficult to gauge accurate gas flow rates compared to liquids. Several challenges need to be considered while choosing the flow measuring devices.

Challenges Linked to Gas Flow Measurement

  • It is crucial to measure high, and low gas flows with higher accuracy.
  • Assurance for suitability of flow measuring device to the size of pipes that ranges from small to large.
  • We need a reliable measuring device that can work apart from the environmental changes.

Flow meters for Gas Flow Rate Gauging

Magnetic flow meter

The magnetic or electromagnetic meter is the best device to gauge gas flow rate. It contains a magnetic field to capture the voltage when the fluid passes through the meter. The forces generated by the induction change the electromagnetic field. The changes in voltage are used to compute the flow rate of gas. This meter has no moving parts and poses no risk of pressure loss.

Coriolis meter

This is another good device that accurately gauges the flow rate of gases passing through the tube. This meter contains a vibration tube that can cause alterations in frequency. The meter tube vibrates at the predetermined rate, and the tube vibration changes comparatively to the flow rate. The change in vibration is detected by the sensors across the tube that could detect the gas flow rate. Coriolis flowmeters are accurate since they are unaffected by the gas's pressure, viscosity, and temperature.

Ultrasonic meter

This technology is highly advanced and reliable in measuring gas flow rate. It renders accurate flow measuring results for gases, and the use is free from pressure and temperature. The flow sensor inside the meter works by measuring the time traveled by waves. The waves travel from one transducer to another and provide a flow rate equivalent to the distance traveled. These meters have no moving parts, high accuracy, and lower maintenance costs.

To sum up

These high-quality flow meters can provide you with reliable gas flow rate measuring. However, it is important to consider the installation requirements before choosing the type of meter. You must get advice from professionals to select the best-suited meter as per installation, maintenance, and measuring requirements. It would help you to attain desired outcomes with the right investment.