Why Is It Essential to Read High School Admission Essays?

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Reading college essays is a rite of passage for any student applying to join their favorite schools. This is usually a decision that most felt was right for the institution. Each high school has its admission officer or first floor, which is where students present their application. In the

When writing an admission essay, the writer has to go through hundreds of submissions from other equally academically qualified individuals. After looking at thousands of documents, the one thing that pops out is that the selection committee has to be selective. Hence the use of higher education admission essays, especially those that have been formally rated, is a form of gatekeeping. For more info read official source

This means that the selection team has to be numerically divided. Let us look at some of the main reasons that often make schools reliant on admission essays. They include;

  1. Numerous applications – compare the number of academically qualified individuals with the number of high school
  2. Many experts in that subject – enhancing the chance of landing that particular course.
  3. Confidentiality is a sacred issue – there is always a fear of losing your anonymity to those who do not hold an secrets.
  4. Saves time – it is a common practice to send an application after a certain period to ensure that the selecting panel hasn't found a disparity in qualifications between the learners. The essay is then submitted to the admitting committee for a review. During that time, the applicant should disclose their lucky numbers and explain why they are so good fit for that school.

H2: High School Admission Essay Examples

By looking at the said examples, it is easy to tell whether a high school is a hot bed of transfers. We have seen numerous excellently written ones. Therefore, it is straight forward that a reader is likely to resonate with the big question that the essay answers: FPW . This is why the admission essay example is given such a personal touch. The emotional connection with the theme of the paper is vividly depicted in the texts. Remember, the reader gets to know the kid that will be selected to attend that specific high school. Even though the writer has a hundred words to write, it is by doing a good job. By giving life experiences of the person being considered, the reader gets to know the kind of personality the author has. It is by choosing a person that the reader can relate to, thus making the choice easier for the writer to connect with the audience.


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