The Top 3 Hands-free Breast Pumps

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Being a mother is a joy beyond describable. Motherhood is a blissful journey with more to come through the years.

Being a mother is a joy beyond describable. Motherhood is a blissful journey with more to come through the years. But one of the best moments of being a mother is when you get to breastfeed your baby, knowing that your baby will be nurtured, growing strong and healthy in your arms thanks to your milk. What word could be used to describe that joyful moment and feeling?

Unfortunately, our modern life does not allow most mothers to have spare time to spend with their babies. While that is a sad reality, there is a way to somewhat help lessen the burden, and that is by using a breast pump. But a conventional electric breast pump might be a little bit too clunky for consecutive daily use.

How about a hands-free breast pump instead? With the Breast Pump Comparison - Best Rated Breast Pump, you can easily live your active social life as normal and still be a good mom. Below are some suggestions for what options you should take a look at when it comes to hands-free breast pumps.

1. HAAKAA Silicone Pump

One of the best hands free breast pumps on the market, the HAAKAA Silicone Pump, is a popular hands-free breast pump that some might even say is the original hands-free breast pump. Its true genius shows when you get your hands on one.

Being made completely from silicone, which is a safe material proven to cause no allergy reactions, it is guaranteed to be very safe to use, and user friendly. In fact, there is nothing complicated about it as it is literally one complete piece of silicone! This means one advantage to it is that it is very easy to clean for repeated use, especially the same day. Get one for your newborn baby when the milk demand is the highest and when you have the most abundance of milk.

2. Elvie Hands-Free Breast Pump

This is a spectacular out-of-this-world advanced breast pump designed to be your smart personal assistant in the blissful journey of being a nursing mom. In fact, this was the first wearable breast pump Best Rated Breast Pump in the world! How cool is that? Being able to tuck it away under your nursing bra technically makes it completely hands-free, and the complete flexibility of pumping anywhere whether it is at home or at work just adds to the appeal.

Gone are the days where you have to hide yourself in kitchen corners or private rooms to pump for your baby, and welcome the days of you leading meetings or enjoying the outdoors while still being a responsible mom. Literally nothing can go wrong with this mobile and hassle-free breast pump. Therefore there is no reason why you still don’t have one already yourself.

3. Medela Freestyle Breast Pum

[Image: 693lzaK.jpg]

Is this the best portable breast pump for working moms? The answer might very well be yes. This is a super light and compact option that weighs less than 370gr and fits in your palm perfectly. Want some more goodies? The breast pump comes equipped with a clip that can be attached to a belt, granting you even more flexibility to maneuver.

In terms of suction power, this breast pump offers the best suction power compared to most portable breast pumps; which is impressive considering its size and energy efficiency. A quick note about this breast pump– while it might suggest itself to be a closed-system breast pump, this is actually an open-system pump. Do not turn away just yet! Although it might use an open system, it is also designed with a better separation between the milk chamber and the tubing.


From What Is The Best Breast Pump, we hope that you have found for yourself the best portable breast pump solution that allows you to still lead an active life and yet still be a good and dutiful mom to your baby.


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