The Alexandrite Color Change Is A Natural Way To Know It Is Real

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If you are thinking of shopping for your beau to celebrate your fifty-fifth wedding anniversary the luxe way, must we say, that's an amazing idea? You can gift her an Alexandrite Stone Birthstone according to the month she was born in- makes for an amazing wedding anniversary gift idea. She would be impressed and floored for sure.

The rare gem

Alexandrite is a very rare gem and Is described by gemologists and collectors as a stone that shines in the daytime and dazzles at night. It was first in the well-known Russian Ural mountains that the precious and rare gem was discovered- during the late 1800s. But today and age, alexandrite gems are found in East Africa, Sri Lanka and Brazil, but if you check in the US (New Mexico) to be precise, you will find abandoned mines (off-limit ones) having these gems.

Valuable gems

The alexandrite is gorgeous to look at and touch and is very valuable. It is a luxury to have one, especially for those born in June. And if you are celebrating your fifty-fifth wedding anniversary this month, it would be a great gift for your better half or significant other.

The color change

When buying the rarest gem of all, the alexandrite, you must check its quality and value- apart from that; the Alexandrite Color change is to be checked too. It is a gem that is prized as more valuable when the colors are bright. And even when the gem is and looks more dramatic, the gemstone's hues go from bluish-green by the day to a reddish-purple by night.

Just like other gems

Just like other gems of high value, the alexandrite is weighed in carats. The value of the same is very high. But the quality of clarity shouldn't be very high, or else it makes the value of the rare gem very weak, say gemologists and experts. 

It is expensive

Alexandrite gemstones are very expensive, much more than what diamonds and sapphires, rubies and emeralds would cost. Many reports suggest an alexandrite can be sold for ten thousand dollars a carat! This is why museums and private collectors are known to own and buy alexandrite gemstones and jewelry.

You can find the gem in the US as well

Talking once again about the Alexandrite Color Change, you should (if and when you get a permit) check out the mines at Rio Arriba in La Madera Mountains, New Mexico- you will find plenty of alexandrite gems here. The mines are at this location, and it is said, the gems have color-changing properties too.

This is why the alexandrite is known to be a chameleon amongst gems and stones- it changes colors, that's why.

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